James C. Auld

Independent Historian of the Western American Fur Trade in the early 19th Century


Television             The History Channel July 18, 2005    Featured Historian

“Taming the Wild West: The Legend of Jedediah Smith”

Produced by Indigo Films, San Rafael, California


Radio                      KQED San Francisco, California        Featured Essayist

“The California Report”, produced by National Public Radio


Print                        Columbia, The Magazine of Nothwest History         Article

Following Fortune: Jedediah Smith’s Trapping & Trading

Expedition to the Northwest

                                                Castor Canadensis Spring 1996         Article

“The Jedediah Smith Pacific Northwest Expedition of

                                                1827-1828: Political, Geographic and Cultural Challenges”


Castor Canadensis Summer 1996       Article

Jedediah Smith, The Umpqua Massacre and the

Hudson’s Bay Company at Fort Vancouver


Castor Canadensis Spring 1997       Book Review

Give Your Heart to the Hawks, A Tribute to the Mountain Man

 By Winfred Blevins


                Internet                  jedsmithlegacy.com


                Speaking                51st California History Institute, University of the Pacific

Stockton, California                             Featured Speaker, Presenter


The Newberry Library

Chicago, Illinois                                   Colloquium Presenter


                                                The Umpqua Discovery Center

Reedsport, Oregon                              Featured Speaker


                                                51st Pacific NW History Conference

Boise Idaho                                           Presenter


                                                42nd Missouri Valley History Conference

Omaha, Nebraska                                 Presenter



Education              B.S.Ed., History, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois   



Contact                  jedsmithlegacy@comcast.net 




Research Sites Visited and Consulted


                                                                Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis, Missouri

                                                                Robert Campbell House and Museum, St. Louis, Missouri

                                                                Mercantile Library, St. Louis, Missouri

                                                                St. Louis City Hall, Public Records, St. Louis, Missouri

                                                                Grant County Historical Museum, Ulysses, Kansas

                                                                Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka, Kansas                         

                                                                Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, Ohio

                                                                Richland County Courthouse, Recorder of Deeds, Mansfield, Ohio

                                                                Mansfield Public Library, Mansfield, Ohio

                                                                Ashland County Historical Society, Ashland, Ohio

                                                                Great Lakes Historical Society, Vermilion, Ohio

                                                                Lucas County Public Library, Toledo, Ohio

                                                                Chicago Historical Society, Chicago, Illinois

The Newberry Library, Chicago, Illinois

                                                                Keithsburg Museum, Keithsburg, Illinois

                                                                Memorial Library, Arlington Heights, Illinois

                                                                Schaumburg Public Library, Schaumburg, Illinois

                                                                Fort Armstrong Arsenal Museum, Rock Island, Illinois

                                                                John Halberg Museum. Rock Island, Illinois

                                                                Illinois State Historical Society, Springfield, Illinois

                                                                Rock Island County Historical Research Library, Rock Island, Illinois


                                                                Mississippi River Museum Archives, Dubuque, Iowa

                                                                Louisiana State University Archives, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

                                                                The New Orleans Public Library, New Orleans, Louisiana

                                                                The Historic New Orleans Collection, New Orleans, Louisiana

                                                                Chenango County Historical Society, Norwich, New York

                                                                Detroit Public Library, Detroit, Michigan

                                                                Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, Wisconsin

                                                                Brown County Historical Society, Green Bay, Wisconsin

                                                                University of Washington, Special Collections, Seattle, Washington

                                                                Okanogan County Historical Society, Okanogan, Washington

                                                                University of Oregon Library Special Collections, Eugene, Oregon

                                                                The Umpqua Discovery Center, Reedsport, Oregon

                                                                Fort Garland Museum, Fort Garland, Colorado

                                                                Denver Public Library, Denver, Colorado

                                                                Holt Atherton Research Center, UOP, Stockton, California

                                                                Centre for Rupert’s Land Studies, Winnipeg, Manitoba

                                                                Hudson’s Bay Company Archives, Winnipeg, Manitoba                           

                                                                Penticton Historical Society Archives, Penticton, British Columbia