Taming the Wild West: The Legend of Jedediah Smith

Premieres July 18th, 2005, 8pm

Most of the interviews for the History Channel Program were filmed in Tucson, Arizona during the last week of January 2005. Several locations around town were used. My interview was filmed about 40 miles east of Tucson, at a location used for Westerns since the 1930’s.


Although Jedediah Smith never made it as far south as Tucson, the dry, wind-blown western scenery was appropriate for the event.


This old saloon was the only building in town that offered a dry environment for the camera and sound equipment. A generator with a long extension cord provided all the electricity needed.


A great afternoon spent talking about Jedediah Smith.


Interviews Include:

Mike Moore

Jimmy Shasteen

Barton Barbour

Jim Hardee

Gerard Baker

Jim Hanson

Rex Norman

James C. Auld